Some web-hosting fun:

Doing hosting and all the infrastructure (AWS) stuff for my girlfriends company: – company website – e-shop – girlfriend’s new project – our car!


Kovalevsky – Photo manipulation algorithms.

I’ve decided to ‘webify’ my project from UNI in order to get more experience with Spring Boot.  Although, there are countless photo filters online this app gives me a very good excuse to fiddle with SpringBoot.  The filters have been developed by Prof Kovalevsky and all credit goes to him.   The  app can be accessed here (note that it may change every so often as I play with it):

Note: I’ve taken this URL down for the time being, but I can turn it on if requested.

I was in need of some small app that actually does something useful so that I can continuously add things onto it.  For example I got to play with Spring Boot Data by wanted to see which is the most used algorithm.  I also intend to add some authentication mechanism to it, some storage (say 5 images per user) and add support for other image types as at this point in time it only works with bitmaps.  I also intend to play around with a CDN, apache and CSS to make the site look, well, more appealing on the eye.

I’m not storing any of the images anywhere and I only manipulate them in memory.

Ok, the app does need some styling, the Fast Average with Zero Boundaries is broken (probably by me) and I need to organize a domain name long with an SSL certificate at some point.

kovalevsky webapp


Email me my IP

Very useful if you don’t want to pay your ISP 10EUR per month for a static IP when you just can run a tiny little Java app as a windows service, which will continuously poll and if it changes it will email it to you.


Cricket scoring app

The idea is to be able to score a game of cricket, even while umpiring using a phone or tablet.  The idea was born out of the fact that during club level game there are two umpires and one scorer – that’s already three people.  The score has to be clued up enough about scoring as its not as simple as one might think.  Wind, beer and people distracting the scorer don’t help.  On top of that the scorecard gets lost,  smeared with a banana skin in someones kit bag or blown away causing the loss of game data.  At the end of the season someone has to go through the score cards, assuming they survived the season and add up all the numbers for the players.  Firs of all this process is performed by a human adding an element of error involved and then there are factors such as someone’s handwriting is not readable etc.

During the games people may want to update social media accounts with the progress of the game.  This usually means looking over the scores shoulder trying to get all the number necessary. With the app the idea is that you can post a predefined message with one click to either Twitter or Facebook.  All game data is stored on the memory-card (save location is configurable) and data can be saved in either XML or  JSON.

Unfortunately this app needs more work to see it on the app store (for free of course).   The difference between other products out there is that I don’t want to hold anyone’s data, instead I want the user to look after their game data themselves.

Screenshot_2016-02-08-22-46-49 Screenshot_2016-02-08-22-46-06 Screenshot_2016-02-08-22-47-24 Screenshot_2016-02-08-22-51-50