Cricket “Career”



Funny old English game.  Not even going to bother explaining it.  Here is a Wiki page about it.


Most memorable cricket moments:

  • getting 69 in my very first innings in a 40/40.  Opened and got out in the later parts of my very first cricket game.  I’ve not managed to get past that score ever since
  • getting to a game just to find the team-mates mowing the bowler’s run up
  • game being hailed-off.  The hail was huge and it filled the holes in the flex surface to a point that the surface could only be used for ice skating
  • 2 degrees Celsius. Snow. Umpiring 40/40.  Enough said.
  • game put on hold due to thunder – but there was nowhere to run for shelter when stuck in the middle of a large field


Can’t remember the name of the photographer that took this, but I remember that game.  It was fun!




Czech Development team touring Bucharest, Romania.

CZ team in Romania


Training – time spent in the nets allows you to play all the shots.


blocking pull shot



Victory!  2014 40/40 Cup winners. (met me gf for the first time on this day too! double win!!)