CloudFront and WordPress

Lost of tutorials and articles out there talk about a popular combination of CloudFront (CF) / WordPress (WP) / S3. In my case I don’t want to use S3 (why? because I don’t need to and don’t want to pay for it). I want to cache files stored by WP which in my case is using block storage. So, how do you set up CF with WP but without S3? Pretty easily, really. Here are the steps I took and pot holes I fell into. For the WP part I followed this post: the section about plugins was most useful. For AWS I followed this post: There were a few gotchas along the way to I’ve tried to point some of them out below. CNAME and A records As far as your DNS records go, all we really need to do is point the www record as an […]

Battle of Jutland

Well, this was one messy affair. Below are just my opinions, thoughts and feelings about the Battle of Jutland. My sources are mainly a few books and some YouTube videos.  I’m not trying to be an expert or anything like that. I’ve read the Battle of Jutland and a couple of other books on this topic about 20 times and each time I read any of them I can’t stop imagining how it would feel being stuck in one of those huge iron ships during the battle.  The idea of sitting in a steel tub in the middle of a vast ocean with projectiles the weight of cars falling all around sickens me.  Each projectile could easily turn many a man into atoms, yet that was not the only way to die at Jutland.  There were the flash fires spread by igniting cordite. There was drowning when a ship toppled over and one could […]

Failure in Agile vs Failure in Waterfall

Failure This word is always seen only in it’s negative form.  For example: Lack of success: “an economic policy that is doomed to failure” ( In the world of Agile it can actually be a good thing.  In some ways you can even say that in Agile you strive to fail as early as possible so that you know you are going down the wrong path. On the other hand if you don’t fail then you are more than likely on the right path.  What is the right path and what is not is not part of what I want to touch on here, rather I would like to talk about how failure is treated. When dealing with the unknown, Agile offers ‘failure’ as a guidance tool to make sure that you are not going down the wrong path. It works best if the failure occurs as soon as possible. […]

Java – Pass by Value or Pass by Reference?

Plain and simple… … Java is always pass by value. However, it’s also true to say that a reference is actually a value – a memory address.  So more accurately Java is pass by value for primitives and pass by an object’s reference, which is a value. It’s quite interesting that even in Oracle’s Java Programmer certification course it’s written that a primitive is passed by value and an object is passed by reference.  In the case of an object that ‘reference’ is actually a primitive that contains the memory address of where the object structure is held.  From a logical point of view the phrase ‘objects are pass by reference’ actually makes sense, but how would you describe what happens to primitives on a logical level?  Oracle’s wording is actually cause of the confusion.  There is an attempt at distinguishing how primitives are handled i.e primitives are passed by value, compared to objects, […]

Is Test cricket on it’s way out?

With Brendon McCullum’s retirement came news of his signing a $1.6m IPL deal. At the age of 34 – considered to be an age where batman are at their peak – he has chosen the mad dash of 20/20 over the longer form of cricket.  Good for him.  This is by no means a whinge or a moan against one of the best players NZ has ever produced both in captaincy and batting skills.  He has lifted NZ to higher levels which would probably not happen without him.  But what is the message being sent to world cricket?  Get in young, play for your national team, do well, get noticed, sign a big IPL deal, play a bit and retire. There is just too much International cricket.  Players cannot rest and are away from their homes for most of the year, which has to be a terrible thing for some.  A split of […]

WordPress on t2.nano

The t2.nano instance type does not come as well configured at the t2.micro, so if you want to run WordPress on one of these instances you will need to a bit more leg work.  Assuming you have chosen Amazon Linux you should be able to get everything up and running with the commands below. Install PHP, MySql and httpd sudo yum groupinstall -y “PHP Support” (be careful, this will only install php 5.3, which is a tad old) sudo yum install php-mysql sudo yum install httpd sudo yum install php55-mysqlnd (this is needed with newer versions of php) Delete the welcome page as it will give you trouble sudo rm /etc/httpd/conf.d/welcome Install WordPress Follow the WordPress installation guide to install WordPress. If re-using a DB create a new schema in MySQL or create a new server.  The WordPress installation guide will tell you where to stick the credentials. Install SSL: sudo […]

Overclocking, processor lifespan and CPU trends

Yay! Love the smell of that new piece of hardware you just bought? That feeling when peeling off the tight plastic.  Plugging it in. Seeing lights, fans what ever else do something. Why not let loose on the voltage controls and see what the new device can really do.   CPU over clocking has become a breeze these days and so has cooling, which you will need a lot of when overclocking.  Many people are concerned about performance degradation over time when the CPU is juiced up on extra voltage.  Fair point, but looking at the trend of  CPU performance over say the last 15 years it’s crystal clear that a 7-8 year CPU cannot keep up with heavy computing such as games, rendering and anything else that needs CPU cycles.  So what will, say, an i7- 5820K have to say for it self by the time the year 2022 ticks […]